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L'Etang, 1972 (8 Estampes)

L'ETANG, 1972

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8 Estampes-Multiples

ZAO WOU-KI (1921-2013)
L’Etang, 1972
Eau-forte, aquatinte couleur

L'ETANG - Rare livre d'art illustré de 8 estampes de Zao Wou-Ki et le texte est de Jean Lescure.

Épreuve d'Artiste N° IV
47 pages plus 8 estampes détachables
Édition limitée de 133 incluant 14 Épreuves d'artiste, numérotées de I à XIV
Dont seulement 53 copies viennent avec les 8 estampes de Zao Wou-Ki
Provenance: Collection Privée

A propos de Zao WOU-KI:

Throughout the world, ZAO Wou-Ki has now been recognised as one of the greatest contemporary painters.

Born in Peking in 1920, he became a naturalized Frenchman in 1964 and  died in Nyon (Switzerland) in 2013, aged 93.

After an initial figurative period, motivating him in his desire to discover France in 1948 (portraits, still life and reinvented landscapes), Zao Wou-Ki makes his own an entirely initiatory approach of Western Art influenced by Paul Klee.

In the 60’s and 70’s he starts, with a great strength and precision of the hand, to develop large abstract compositions in a freed lyric space : so many pregnant works as a prelude to the ambitious brushed formats of the 80’s, up to his ultimate works punctuating the turn of the century.

More information on Zao Wou-Ki’s life on www.zaowouki.org

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