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WANG Xiaoshuang 王小双

Urban Language No.6, 2014

Urban Language No.6, 2014
9 800.00 €
Wang Xiaoshuang
Urban Language No.6
Huile sur toile
120 x 200 cm / 47.2 x 78.7 in

A propos de Wang XIAOSHUANG:

Born in 1991, Wang Xiaoshuang graduated from the oil painting department of Xian Academy of Fine Arts. He was one of the outstanding Young Chinese Artists nominated to take part in the exhibition “From the East to the West” at the Livingston Art Exchange Center (Livingston, U.S.A.) and “New Youth: Global Popularization Program of Contemporary Art” (New York, U.S.A.). His works have also been exhibited both in commercial galleries and institutions including the Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum (Ningbo, China), Zhejiang Art Museum (Hangzhou, China) and the China Art Palace (Shanghai, China).

2016 - College of Fine Arts of Shanghai University, MA in Oil Painting
2013 – Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, BA in Oil Painting
1991 – Born in Xingtai, Hebei Province, China
Solo Exhibitions
2015 - “Urban Boundary”, HDM Gallery, Hangzhou, China
Group Exhibitions
2016 – “Clairvoyant”, Half A Picture Gallery, Shanghai, China
2015 - “Time Drama”, Peninsula Art Museum, Shanghai, China
“The New Youth Contemporary Art Project”, New Art Museum, Shanghai, China
“Shanghai Art Fair Recommended Artists Exhibition”, Shanghai Mart, Shanghai, China
“Courage and Freedom: Young Thinker Art Exhibition”, Imperial City Art Museum, Beijing, China
“The Second Nanjing International Art Exhibition”, Nanjing International Exhibition Center,
Nanjing, China
“The Eighth Shanghai Art Exhibition”, China Art Palace, Shanghai, China
“The City Culture Art Exhibition of Shanghai”, Shanghai Library, Shanghai, China
“Span” Art Exhibition, Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum, Ningbo, China
2014 - “Shanghai Art Fair Recommended Artists Exhibition”, Shanghai Mart, Shanghai, China
“Art Calls Art”, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Shanghai, China
“The First Nanjing International Art Exhibition”, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing, China
“Huang Azhong and His Students’ Art Exhibition”, Cheng Shifa Art Museum, Shanghai, China
“The 12th National Fine Arts Exhibition”, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, China
“The First Artron•Poly New Force Nomination Exhibition”, Chinese Fine Art Center, Beijing, China
“National 65th Anniversary Celebration Shanghai Fine Art Exhibition”, China Art Palace, Shanghai,
“From the Ease to the West” Chinese Young Artists exchage Exhibition, Livingston Art Exchange
Center, Livingston, U.S.A.
“Blueprint” Young Artists Exhibition, Meilidao Gallery, Shanghai, China
“Silence” Wang Xiaoshuang & Sun Wei Joint Exhibition, 188 Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai,
2013 - “Growth” Shanghai Young Artists Exhibition, China Art Palace, Shanghai, China
“Reconstruction” China Young Artists Excellent Works Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Modern
Museum, Shanghai
“Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts 2013 Graduates Exhibition”, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an, China


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